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About Us
Cang zhou borosilicate Glassware Co., Ltd., is a former(Cang zhou Hua yi glass products Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1967, after years of meticulous research we carve, we trained a batch of rise above the common herd technical talent,Now the economy is sweeping the globe, The product has the world market has been internationalized, Our enterprise tenet in the production : truth-seeking ahead, reform and innovation, production objectives are: To people all over the world, add a healthy life style, fashion life style, delicate way of life ӳң ذ ذң ߵذң ӵذң ذң ذ ذң ͷ ͷ ͷ ͷ ظ ذң ͷ ͷ ˮң ң ذװ ͷװ ͷ ͷ ӵذң ߵذң ذң ظ GPS ܵӸң բң ң ͷ ͷ ظ ܵӸң բң ң ͷ ͷ ܵӸң ܵբң ң ܵӸң ܵբң ң ܵӸң ܵբң ң ͷ ͷ ͷ ͷ ָ